An All-Puppet Monster Movie


Frank & Zed is the horrifying, brutal, funny story of two monsters left behind when their maker is murdered by torch-wielding villagers. Centuries later, when they’re finally discovered, they must confront a bloodthirsty rabble bent on destroying them — and the history they buried along with their master.


Made entirely with classic “glove” puppets and full of old-school practical effects, from “cloud tank” shots to fiendishly complex puppet disembowelments and decapitations, Frank & Zed is a loving (and blood-soaked) homage to classic monster movies and handcrafted cinema. 


A breakthrough film by a visionary new director, Frank & Zed celebrates everything audiences love about horror and monster movies, but it also sets its sights higher, telling a story that is deeply emotional and, in the end, surprisingly tender. In this film, it's the humans who are monsters — and the monsters who show us what it means to be human.



"Unimaginably Ambitious!"

Chris Walas (The Fly, Gremlins)

"As fun as it is scary."

Tom Holland (Child's Play, Fright Night)

"Will blow your of the most laborious,     inventive independent films ever made."

"Wholeheartedly fun...satirically hilarious and   viscerally violent"

PSU Vanguard


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