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An All-Puppet Monster Movie

Puppetcore Rules:

The characters are real; they just

 happen to be puppets.

The effects are practical

whenever possible.



"In terms of sheer genre-cinema wizardry, this gleefully grotesque hand-puppet horror is the single most impressive thing I screened in advance of Nightstream...

"Unimaginably Ambitious!"

Chris Walas (The Fly, Gremlins)

"As fun as it is scary."

Tom Holland (Child's Play, Fright Night)

"Will blow your of the most laborious,     inventive independent films ever made."

"It feels at once like we're watching a Henson film of old and a  new Raimi masterwork."


"Promises to become a cult classic and for good reason. Not only is it wildly inventive, and absolutely charming, but I was completey sucked into everything from the story, the gruesome gore and the shockingly incredibly production value."

Cinema Crazed

"An infectious horror movie with endless obscene amount of bloodshed and disemboweling, homor, and a ton of heart. 

Bloody Disgusting

 "...they create an epic bloodbath for the final, extended stretch of the film that can best be described as a murder Muppets version of Braveheart... It’s glorious."

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